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About Amber Sky Creations

Amber Sky Creations is a husband and wife team from Centurion in South Africa, who share a passion for both photography and nature, as well as a love for art. Our aim is to combine these shared passions into images that not only celebrate the beauty and majesty of nature, but also captures something of the experience of "being there". Working together as a team, we challenge each other, learn from each other and are often amazed at how much our photos of the same subject at the same time differs.

Both of us being software developers by trade, we bring the systematic, technical approach and attention to detail demanded by our day-to-day jobs to our photography. This solid, technical base allows us to give free reign to our creativity, and to turn our experiences into enduring images.

"You don't see what you see, you see what you know. And when you know more, you will see more" - Jean Welz

We believe that photography is not merely a means of capturing a split-second of reality, but a fully fledged art medium. Just as a painter uses different brushes, and different techniques of applying paint to canvas to create different effects, so a photographer uses a wide range of equipment, as well as different shutterspeeds, apertures etc, to create different effects. We are always chasing after that "certain sort of something" that lifts an image above the rest, and takes it from mere representation, to interpretation.

We are continuously striving to get to know more, so that we can see more, and create more.

Certainly, not all photographs are works of art. Sometimes, a photograph is only a celebration of a perfect work of art already created for us by our Creator. There are many such images on this site - simply showing off the brilliant colours on a tiny bird, the majestic power of a rhino, or the beauty of a perfect sunset.

The aim of this site is to showcase our images, and to share some of our experiences as photographers through our blog.

Since we are both intensely concerned with nature conservation, we also attempt to list threatened species according to their IUCN classification. We consider it a priviledge to be able to photograph some of the most endangered species on earth, and we hope, by showing them as such, to create some awareness of the plight of these species. For more information on these catories and classifications, see

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Please note that the copyright on all the images on this site belongs to the photographers, and that copying or reproduction of these images in any way without written consent from the photographers, is strictly prohibited.

Fine art prints

Many of the images on this site are for sale as high-quality prints. If you are interested in purchasing prints, feel free to contact us using the form below.

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